May 11, 2013

Purse, Wallet and Pouch

"It wasn't supposed to be so big."
That was my response to my hubby when he told me the purse was big. But I haven't had any problem keeping it filled with stuff!
I found the pattern online while browsing for a new purse pattern. I'm not allowed to BUY any more purses, but Mr. Crafty Heart never said anything about MAKING new purses!!! Since I have a huge stash of fabric, I figured it would be OK since I didn't spend any money on it - free pattern! I got it from Leah Williams at Sew Spoiled. It's called the Weekender Travel Tote, which I guess should have told me it was TOTE size, not purse size. It doesn't look as big in all the pictures I've seen of it!
I have to say I'm in love with it though. Every time I think of trying to make one smaller, I can't stand the thought of not using this one! I know I could take it apart and make the pieces smaller, but I always feel like a traitor when I think about taking my seam ripper to her. (Maybe I need to mention this to my psychologist?)
I love the different fabrics together, so I made a wallet and a make up bag to match:

Aren't they gorgeous!?!? I don't remember where I got the free pattern for the make up bag, but the wallet is a free pattern called Made to Order Organizer. If you are going to try to make this wallet, be sure to check out Pam's directions first - the original directions are WAY too complicated and not well-explained. Her directions are wonderful. Even with her additions, though, it is a labor-intensive project, but WELL worth it (IMHO).
So now I'm off to enter my purse and accessories in a contest held by the AMAZING Amy Latta who is definitely One Artsy Mama! Please check out her blog and leave her some love!!!

April 27, 2013

Boy Wallet

My 7-year-old loves to collect quarters and to count them to see what he has enough money for. He got a papery wallet from a kids meal at Subway, but it didn't have anywhere for his coins, only dollars. And he also happens to have a few of those! So today he asks me how long it will take me to make him a wallet with a coin compartment. Since I had JUST cleaned up my crafty corner, I said only a few minutes and got to work! I found a tutorial for one he liked at Mud Puddles and Daisies. He picked out the fabric and lining, and this is what we got:
Sorry for the picture, I couldn't find batteries for my camera so I had to use my phone.
The fabric he picked out is a dark blue, and the lining is cream. The vinyl pocket isn't quite wide enough for an actual drivers license, but since he's only 7 I think we can make something up! He also keeps his handcuff key in one of the credit card pockets. He currently uses it to lock the upstairs bathroom door.
Maybe he'll use one of his quarters to buy me a gum ball as a thank you!

March 20, 2013

Coffee with Cream

It's amazing what God can accomplish through a cup of coffee with flavored creamer.

In the last 12 years I've lost a marriage, two pregnancies (in a year), a home house, my mother, and my mother-in-law. And in losing my first marriage, I lost my view of myself.

But with this one cup of coffee, I've gained so much more.

For the past 12 years, I have allowed my ex-husband to make me see myself as ugly, unlovable, and LESS, instead of seeing myself through God's eyes, where I am beautiful, loved, and worth more than I can possibly imagine.

I'm tired of seeing myself through my eyes.

So through this one cup of coffee, with creamer given to me by my Regnum Christi sisters with a simple note and much love, my eyesight is starting to improve. And not just because I finally have caffeine in my system!

They see me. Weekly they see the real me, and they love me. They've seen me through happy, and they've seen me through sad. They've seen me through excess, and they've seen me through want. They've seen me contribute, and they've seen me sit silent. And through it all, they see ME, and they love me. 

I want to start seeing myself through THEIR eyes. 

It's going to take more than this one cup of coffee. It might take these entire two bottles of creamer, left on the seat of my van with a simple note by hearts full of love. But as I feel the warmth of the coffee flowing through my system, I can feel the warmth of their love flowing around me. And I can believe that maybe, just maybe, there IS more to me than meets the eye. 

February 7, 2013

Happy New Year!

A month late,  but that's my life! I'm reposting the post I made LAST New Year's Day, because it is still relevant (and based on the lack of comments no one read it lol). 

Welcome to 2013!
I always think that on January 1, my life will magically change because the day before I made a list. The list is pretty much the same every year: get organized, stick to a budget, get my prayer life in order, do more with the kids..... December 31 comes along, and I realize I didn't stick to the list, and my year ended the same way it began, which is how the year before ended! So I'm going to try something new this year: I'm going to focus on my blessings. That's it! I'm going to declutter my life and my mind, and keep only those people and things that bless me. With less to clutter up my life, I will have more time to focus on those blessings, which will make me a happier person. And I think that as a happier person, the things I usually put on my list will come naturally. And my life will change! I know it's not going to happen over night, but I'm hoping that, come 2014, my list of blessings will be more than I ever expected!
I hope yours will be too. What are YOU blessed with today?

February 3, 2013

Home Made Sweetened Condensed Milk

Move over Ma Ingalls! I would say Martha Stewart, but 1) I don't like her and 2) well, I just like Ma better!
I made my own sweetened condensed milk!!!!! If I WAS Martha, there would have been a camera on me and you could have seen the shock on my face when I tasted it and it TASTED JUST LIKE THE CANNED STUFF!!!!! Except for the powdered milk that didn't dissolve. Here it is!
It's just powdered milk, milk, sugar, and vanilla! Just be sure you stand watch over it and not go off and take a picture of your oldest child, whom you haven't seen in a few weeks, cuddling his baby sister. You'll have to dump the pot and start over. Not that I would know.....

After it cooled, I turned it into coffee creamer! Sorry I don't have a picture - all the batteries are in the Wii remotes and I don't have any for my camera. The boys think Mario is more important than blogging.... Just trust me that it looks JUST like the expensive stuff in the store, and I added some peppermint extract and it tastes just like my favorite seasonal creamer! (Except for the powdered milk that still has not dissolved.)

THEN I text my sister and tell her, and she texts back that she is getting ready to make her laundry detergent. Ma Ingalls is definitely cheering us on!

Now to figure out how to get rid of those chunks.....

My Heart is Over Flowing!

Wouldn't yours?