May 11, 2013

Purse, Wallet and Pouch

"It wasn't supposed to be so big."
That was my response to my hubby when he told me the purse was big. But I haven't had any problem keeping it filled with stuff!
I found the pattern online while browsing for a new purse pattern. I'm not allowed to BUY any more purses, but Mr. Crafty Heart never said anything about MAKING new purses!!! Since I have a huge stash of fabric, I figured it would be OK since I didn't spend any money on it - free pattern! I got it from Leah Williams at Sew Spoiled. It's called the Weekender Travel Tote, which I guess should have told me it was TOTE size, not purse size. It doesn't look as big in all the pictures I've seen of it!
I have to say I'm in love with it though. Every time I think of trying to make one smaller, I can't stand the thought of not using this one! I know I could take it apart and make the pieces smaller, but I always feel like a traitor when I think about taking my seam ripper to her. (Maybe I need to mention this to my psychologist?)
I love the different fabrics together, so I made a wallet and a make up bag to match:

Aren't they gorgeous!?!? I don't remember where I got the free pattern for the make up bag, but the wallet is a free pattern called Made to Order Organizer. If you are going to try to make this wallet, be sure to check out Pam's directions first - the original directions are WAY too complicated and not well-explained. Her directions are wonderful. Even with her additions, though, it is a labor-intensive project, but WELL worth it (IMHO).
So now I'm off to enter my purse and accessories in a contest held by the AMAZING Amy Latta who is definitely One Artsy Mama! Please check out her blog and leave her some love!!!