April 27, 2013

Boy Wallet

My 7-year-old loves to collect quarters and to count them to see what he has enough money for. He got a papery wallet from a kids meal at Subway, but it didn't have anywhere for his coins, only dollars. And he also happens to have a few of those! So today he asks me how long it will take me to make him a wallet with a coin compartment. Since I had JUST cleaned up my crafty corner, I said only a few minutes and got to work! I found a tutorial for one he liked at Mud Puddles and Daisies. He picked out the fabric and lining, and this is what we got:
Sorry for the picture, I couldn't find batteries for my camera so I had to use my phone.
The fabric he picked out is a dark blue, and the lining is cream. The vinyl pocket isn't quite wide enough for an actual drivers license, but since he's only 7 I think we can make something up! He also keeps his handcuff key in one of the credit card pockets. He currently uses it to lock the upstairs bathroom door.
Maybe he'll use one of his quarters to buy me a gum ball as a thank you!

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