February 7, 2013

Happy New Year!

A month late,  but that's my life! I'm reposting the post I made LAST New Year's Day, because it is still relevant (and based on the lack of comments no one read it lol). 

Welcome to 2013!
I always think that on January 1, my life will magically change because the day before I made a list. The list is pretty much the same every year: get organized, stick to a budget, get my prayer life in order, do more with the kids..... December 31 comes along, and I realize I didn't stick to the list, and my year ended the same way it began, which is how the year before ended! So I'm going to try something new this year: I'm going to focus on my blessings. That's it! I'm going to declutter my life and my mind, and keep only those people and things that bless me. With less to clutter up my life, I will have more time to focus on those blessings, which will make me a happier person. And I think that as a happier person, the things I usually put on my list will come naturally. And my life will change! I know it's not going to happen over night, but I'm hoping that, come 2014, my list of blessings will be more than I ever expected!
I hope yours will be too. What are YOU blessed with today?


  1. There is no hiding Sandra I found you lol I have added you to my blog lists. Keep it going hun post as much as you can...make the post names what it is so the last one would be sweetened condensed milk..boring I know but google only looks at titles and take heart I posted nearly everyday for ages and thought I was talking to myself lol :) Krewella X

  2. OMG Thank you so much!!!!! Caught me stalking you the other day, huh! lol Really, thank you. Your comment was the last little nudge I needed to keep posting. See you around lol!!!!