February 3, 2013

Home Made Sweetened Condensed Milk

Move over Ma Ingalls! I would say Martha Stewart, but 1) I don't like her and 2) well, I just like Ma better!
I made my own sweetened condensed milk!!!!! If I WAS Martha, there would have been a camera on me and you could have seen the shock on my face when I tasted it and it TASTED JUST LIKE THE CANNED STUFF!!!!! Except for the powdered milk that didn't dissolve. Here it is!
It's just powdered milk, milk, sugar, and vanilla! Just be sure you stand watch over it and not go off and take a picture of your oldest child, whom you haven't seen in a few weeks, cuddling his baby sister. You'll have to dump the pot and start over. Not that I would know.....

After it cooled, I turned it into coffee creamer! Sorry I don't have a picture - all the batteries are in the Wii remotes and I don't have any for my camera. The boys think Mario is more important than blogging.... Just trust me that it looks JUST like the expensive stuff in the store, and I added some peppermint extract and it tastes just like my favorite seasonal creamer! (Except for the powdered milk that still has not dissolved.)

THEN I text my sister and tell her, and she texts back that she is getting ready to make her laundry detergent. Ma Ingalls is definitely cheering us on!

Now to figure out how to get rid of those chunks.....

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